Decades of Experience in Polymer Industry
a.Capable team with decades of experience in polymer processing, distribution, market development and polymer processing.

Decades of Experience in Polymer Industry

Rukma Plastics
Commodity, Engineering & Speciality Polymers – Your search ends right here ! We offer End to End solutions from Project Initiation stage to technical issue resolution at processing stage. ​​

Rukma Plastics

Why Rukma Plastics?
End to End solutions to OEM’s, ODM’s and polymer processors from product initiation / development to after sales service

Why Rukma Plastics?

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Commodity, Engineering & Speciality Polymers. Your search ends right here! We offer End to End solutions from the Project Initiation stage to technical issue resolution at the processing stage.

Rukma Plastics has established itself as a leading marketing and distribution company for Engineering and Speciality Polymers. We represent leading global petrochemical giants in India and offer our in-depth market access, reach and connect to access leading OEMs and polymer processors. We work with leading OEMs across sectors – Automotive, Infrastructure, Electrical, Electronics, Medical, Packaging etc offering them world class resins’s at their doorstep

Passionate about polymers, we provide our clients with technical solutions helping them innovate their products as well as their process productivity. Having a wide array of products to offer, we are able to assist clients with various material solutions at the development stage and offer technical expertise to ensure trouble free production.

Based in Bangalore, we have a network of offices, warehouses and resident representatives to cater to customer requirements across India. With over three decades of experience in polymer distribution and polymer processing, the promoters have in-depth and rich experience of nuances of trade as well as technical aspects.

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Technical Expertise & Capabilities

Our Products

Polymer Solutions – We offer a wide array of products under one roof


Engineering Polymers

We offer a wide suite of Engineering polymers offering better mechanical, thermal or heat stability properties suitable for a wide variety of applications across various industries. Our product range includes Engineering Polymers such as ABS, ASA, PC, POM, PA6, PA66, PBT, SAN etc.

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Commodity Polymers

Offer commodity polymers such as PP, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET and Polystyrene for mass production of multitude of grades as per customer requirements. Our operations are geared to provide from 25kg’s to hundred’s of tonne’s based on customer requirements.

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Compounds & Alloys

Some application have requirements of properties of one polymer, and some of another. We provide modified and blended polymers with desired additives together to get the desired properties you are looking for. Our range of PC-ABS, PC-PBT, PC-ASA, PC PTFE etc. helps customers with right product solution.

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Speciality Polymers

We offer innovative product solutions tailor made to customer’s requirements. These advanced, higher performance polymers offer optimal solutions in harshest environments (offer ideal properties such as heat resistance, chemical inertness, lightweight and design flexibility, self lubrication, bio compatibility,etc.

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Our experienced management team has decades of experience in multiple polymer processing activities besides distribution. It goes without saying, our people are our assets and have helped us have a robust customer base and market development. Our sales and operations teams have a high degree of expertise in the plastic industry and have been working hard to establish deep rooted relationships with clients. ​

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