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Rukma Plastics

Unleashing the Power of Polymers
Welcome to Rukma Plastics, your trusted partner in the world of polymers.
Our story

The Journey of Rukma Plastics

Incorporated in 1980, Rukma Plastics has grown to become a trusted leading supplier of Engineering, Commodity, and Specialty Polymers & Polymer Solutions across South India and also venturing into parts of India

With offices in Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore, we have decades of experience in the polymer industry and are trusted by customers pan India.

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Why Choose Us

The Rukma Advantage

When you choose Rukma Plastics, you’re choosing a partner committed to reliability, efficiency, and competitive pricing. Our profound understanding of the polymer market, coupled with our robust supplier network, makes us a preferred choice for businesses across various industries.

Your Trusted Parter for Polymer Resin Supplier

End-to-End Polymer Solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions from the project initiation stage to technical issue resolution at the processing stage. Our comprehensive services and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us a preferred partner for businesses across various industries.

Our Diverse Product Range

Tailored Polymer Solution offerings from Our product portfolio spans from Commodity Polymers like Polypropylene and Polyethylene to Engineering Polymers like Polycarbonate, Nylons and ABS, and Specialty Polymers like Noryl, Ultem and PC Copolymers. We also offer recycled grades and eco-friendly plastics derived from renewable sources like corn starch, cellulose, and sugar cane.

Pan-India Presence for Seamless Operations

With our network of offices and warehouses in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Bhiwandi, and Anantapur, we are equipped to cater to customer requirements across India. Our in-house professionally managed transport operation with a fleet of small and large vehicles ensures JIT supplies.

Industries We Serve

Our polymers find applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including packaging, consumer appliances, automotive, electronics, toys, construction, healthcare, and more. We’re committed to empowering industries with our high-performance polymers.

Lets Connect

Let's Collaborate

Have questions? Interested in our products? We’re here to assist. Start a conversation with us today and let’s explore how we can meet your polymer needs.

News & Updates

Stay Ahead with Rukma Plastics

Keep abreast of the latest news, updates, and events at Rukma Plastics. From new product launches to industry insights, we keep you informed.